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Install Fonia.Travel eSIM card on your iPhone via Universal Link

Only for iOS 17.04 and above users.

Step 1.

Check your email, you will find the activation link there. Click on it and you will be automatically redirected to your iPhone settings.


Step 2.

Click ‘Allow’ to activate your new eSIM card. Now your card is ready to use!


Install Fonia.Travel eSIM card on your iPhone via QR code

  • Activate the card
  • Create your Fonia.Travel account
  • Connect your eSIM card

Activate card

See steps

Browse packages to purchase a country-specific data plan.

Please wait 15 minutes for the email to arrive and check your SPAM folder before contacting support.

Open the camera app and scan the QR code or enter it manually.

“Activate eSIM”: The eSIM installation process will start soon, click “Continue” to confirm.
Then “Add data plan” again to confirm the Fonia Travel eSIM activation.
Mobile plan setup complete“: Tap “Done” to finalize setup.

Good to know: If your eSIM comes with a pre-installed data plan, remember that it will start valid at this activation stage.​

Data plan labels‘ – rename your new data plan to ‘Fonia Travel‘ and tap ‘Continue‘.

It will be easier to find a new data plan if you need it.

Default Line” –  Select “Primary” and tap “Continue.”

This will allow you to keep your personal line as the default for calls and text messages.
Fonia Travel is a service intended solely for data transmission. It doesn’t support traditional voice calling or texting, but it does let you use all your favorite VoIP or messaging apps.

iMessage & FaceTime” – Select “Main” and “Continue.”

You’ll keep your personal iMessage, FaceTime, and Apple ID.
Your settings remain the same even if you use Fonia Travel for data transfer.

Mobile Data” – Select “Fonia Travel” (or “Additional”) and tap “Done”.

Congratulations! Your Fonia Travel eSIM card has been successfully installed in your device

Create an account to track your data plan usage and make subsequent top-ups.

Create your Fonia.Travel account

See steps

Download the official Fonia Travel app from the App Store via Wi-Fi

Click the “START” button and allow notifications from Fonia Travel to receive notifications about your data plans running out, new plans, etc.

Connect your eSIM

See steps

Select “Smartphone” as the device you want to connect.

Click “YES“.

If you have completed step 1 correctly, you have already successfully scanned your QR code.

If you haven’t done so yet: turn off Wi-Fi and wait until you are connected to your Fonia Travel eSIM card.
After turning off Wi-Fi, wait a few seconds until you connect to your new Fonia Travel eSIM card and then you will be automatically redirected to the dashboard in the Fonia Travel app.

Fonia Travel application: Your best travel companion!

Check your balance in real time, top up wherever you are, recommend to your friends!

Install Fonia.Travel eSIM card on your iPhone by entering the code manually

  • Activate the card
  • Create your Fonia Travel account
  • Connect your eSIM card

Step 1.

Check your email, you will find the activation code and QR code there. Open SETTINGS on your smartphone, then MOBILE SERVICE and ADD ESIM.


Step 2.

Configure your mobile network and click “Use QR code”.


Step 3.

Select “Enter details manually.”


Step 4.

Enter the activation code and SM-DP+ address. You will find all this information in the email we sent you. Save Changes. Your eSIM card is ready to use!


How can I top up my Fonia Travel eSIM card?


Top up from any device
(smartphone, tablet, laptop).


Choose from one-time, monthly or annual packages.


Major international
payment methods are available.

Available payment methods:


See steps

Open the Fonia Travel app on your smartphone or tablet.

Find the top-up icon and go to see a wide range of one-off and recurring data plans covering your destination.

Expand your data plan to see full details, including data allowance, expiration date, price and covered destinations.

After selecting your plan, select your payment method and enjoy the top-up package.